About Lopes Up About Lopes Up

       LOPES UP is a project created by the UNK Alumni Association to highlight the locations and travels of UNK alumni and friends around the world.  This project is also to make UNK alumni aware of the new campus trend of putting LOPES UP, which is a hand signal created to look like the antelope that students and alumni can show off at athletic events and other campus functions.


       If you would like to be a part of the LOPES UP project, just remove the Loper centerfold, put your LOPES UP as indicated in the pictures, and snap a photo wherever you go! The pictures submitted will be displayed on this site.  There is also a clickable map with a photo gallery indicating all of the locations around the world where lopers have been spotted, and a brief description about the picture.


      Once you've taken you photo with your centerfold loper and put your LOPES UP, then all you have to do is submit your picture. So get creative, take the centerfold Loper on vacation to the beach or the mountains! We want to see your Loper pride all over the nation and the world! AND-if you are really lucky, you may even see your picture in our alumni magazine, UNK Today! The more creative the picture, the more likely it will appear in the magazine.


      Now go out with your centerfold loper and put those LOPES UP!